How to Keep Your Reddit Account From Being Banned

There are different ways that Reddit can ban your account. The first one is the shadowban, and the other one is the subreddit ban. Both disable the essential features that you can use on Reddit. For this reason, you should prevent yourself from being banned from Reddit.

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Shadow ban

Shadowban refers to the type of Reddit ban that makes one’s account invisible to the other Reddit users, although the account itself is completely functional. Reddit uses this kind of ban to block spammers and other people who seem to do such things. Shadowban is different from account termination because the former doesn’t let the spammers know that their account is not useful at all.
There’s a possibility for even a regular user to be shadow banned from Reddit. It happens when the user posts several links in a short time. It is also possible for Reddit to shadow ban your account by mistake. It is yet unknown how the system automatically shadowbans an account even though its user is not doing anything wrong.
To detect if you have been shadow banned by Reddit, go to the user page by using this link:
If you see the “Page not Found” or “404” error, it means that your account has been shadow banned. If you are not a spammer and believe it’s Reddit’s system mistake, you can send a message to Reddit by going to the contact page.
The Reddit administrators are open to unbanning account requests. However, you will have to wait for several days before they respond to your request.
You may also open a new account and disregard the shadow banned one. Opening a new account is the recommended option if you’re new to Reddit and you got only a few posts on your previous account.

Subreddit Ban

The Reddit administrators and moderators have the ability to ban your subreddits as well. Unlike the shadow ban, the moderators will inform you about the subreddit ban duration and the reason for banning it.
Reddit bans your subreddit if you’ve broken some rules on Reddit and subreddit for several times. However, there are several moderators who watch over the Reddit users’ account. Each of them may have different standards and views regarding the implementation of the rules. Some of them are strict while there are others who are lenient. In some instances, moderators abuse their power by banning those who oppose their views.
If your subreddit is banned, the best thing that you can do is to wait until the ban ends. If you think a moderator has banned your subreddit for a long period, you may send them a message and apologize for what you think is the reason for the ban. You may request to lift the ban or to shorten its duration. Most commonly, the moderator will only shorten the subreddit ban duration, although there are instances where there’s another moderator who lifts the ban.
The best way to prevent your account or your subreddit from being banned is to read the rules in Reddit and in the subreddits where you want to join in. Be a good user and don’t be rude to the moderators and administrators of Reddit. Be patient, and make sure that the content that you will post doesn’t break any rules.