In August 2016, there were 174,088,261 unique visitors on Reddit who came from 186 different countries. Also, there were 6,175,912,111 Reddit page views. There were 8,193 active communities and 21,817,065 votes. The number of traffic is huge, and this will make you think that Reddit might be getting a huge profit through advertisements.

Reddit as a Marketing Platform

For this reason, it is common for various industries to capitalize on this marketing and business opportunity. It is possible to market and sell different products or services through Reddit in a non-direct or obscure way. Reddit is also an excellent marketing platform for people who are not knowledgeable in marketing.

If you want to find your customers, you can just simply join a subreddit community where your target market is. After this step, you only need to make yourself visible. You can stand out by posting interesting and helpful content to receive upvotes from your readers. Upvotes ensure that your post is on the first page of Reddit. The easiest way is to buy upvotes However, you must encourage interaction between your readers and participate by replying to their comments.

How to Catch Your Niche’s Interests in a Subreddit?

Leave the bigger subreddits to the big and prestigious companies because you will never get a chance to stand out there. But, it is possible to dominate the smaller subreddits which are also a cheaper option for you. Check out a full list here for more information:

It is also recommended not to pay for advertisements on Reddit for the following reasons:

  • People find ad banners to be annoying

Millions of people see different banner ads within a day. However, only a few of them are enticed to click one or a few of them. According to AdKeeper, an advertising technology company, most people don’t click the ads because they don’t want to be distracted by the current page. This reason is the top basis why people don’t just click ads.

  • People find banners to be unreliable

The second and the third among the top bases why people don’t click an ad is because the users find the ads irrelevant, and they are scared. They are afraid that the banner might infect their device with spams and viruses.

  • Advertisement on Reddit is costly, time-consuming, and impression-based

To create an advertisement on Reddit, you must have an ad copy, mobile card view image, and a thumbnail image. You will have to pick your niche based on their interests, subreddit, locations, and the like. You need to select a bid per 1000 impressions. Impressions are not guaranteed because Reddit is an auction-based platform. The minimum budget for creating a campaign ranges from $5 to $9,999.

  • There’s a cheaper and more effective option for promotion

The best and most effective way to promote your products or services are to post promotional content and links in an obscure way. Additionally, make sure that your posts don’t appear like spams to prevent your account from being banned. Once you post your article be sure to buy Reddit upvotes to ensure your post is seen by the biggest audience possible in your chosen sub-reddit.

  • A lot of people don’t see it anyway

People are annoyed by ads. For this reason, most people use plugins that can block advertisements.

If you are willing to spend just to market your products or services effectively on Reddit, the best thing that you can do is to buy votes. Upvotes ensures that you will stay on top of the game by being always on the first page of Reddit. However, keep in mind that you still have to adhere to the rules of Reddit and the subreddit.