Many people wonder, how can I dropship on Reddit? Well, today we will be showing you step by step on how we are going to promote.

A brief overview of our campaign process: Choose a few subreddits, analyse and pick the best for our campaign, craft a campaign around the subreddit rules so it has a small(er) chance of being removed.

For this case-study I am going to choose this product

Part 1: Choosing a Sub-Reddit and analysis

So you have a perfect product, ready to go but can’t get any customers. What we need to do first before we can proceed is choose the right sub-reddit. Since this knife can be sold as a survival knife we can target camping/hiking/outdoors subreddits.

I normally use for finding Subreddits but there is a lot of them out there. Here is a search for ‘camping’ with ALL sub-reddits being included. Safe for work and not safe for work.

Drop Shipping On Reddit

A quick glance at that you can see a few potential sub-reddits, /r/campinggear, /r/camping and /r/campingandhiking .

Hmmm which one to pick? Let’s break it down.

Subreddit #1

Subscriber Count:

27,000 Subscribers.


A helpful community that aims to help users make informed decisions about camping gear including sleeping systems, clothing, cooksets, and packs…. and to show off our stuff —

Top Post of all time:

Total votes on top post: 383.

Score: 3/5


Subscriber count is reasonably low. Subreddit is made for advertising which means high competition to find buyers.


Top post only have 380~ upvotes. Posts will be easy to rank on the front page for high visibility. Post will not be removed by moderators because as the sub-reddit is made for posting gear.

Low barrier to entry – to get one of the top posts of the day you will only need 20 votes.

Subreddit #2

Subscriber Count: 83,000

Description:  A subreddit for campers concerned more about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear.

Top Post of all time:

Total votes on top post : 17,000.

Score: 2/5


Looking at the front page you cannot see anything relating to gear, or reviews for certain gear. While this means low competition it also means a high chance of your post being removed and you being banned from the Subreddit. The campaign must be carefully thought out to prevent deletion.



Low competition, with a properly crafted campaign you will be able to reach your target demographic.  Medium subscriber count of 83,000.

Low barrier to entry – a top 3 post of the day may only need 30 votes to be at the top.


Subreddit #3

Subscriber Count:

238,000 Subscribers


**Hikers who bring camping gear in their Backpack.** *Tips, trip reports, back-country gear reviews, safety and news.*

Top Post of all time:

Total votes on top post:


Score: 4/5


Higher barrier to entry – 100 votes needed to reach a good chunk of the subreddit.


Little to no gear submissions already on the subreddit – low competition for buyers.

“Backcountry gear reviews” – reviews of gear are allowed in the subreddit.


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