User search is a Reddit feature that allows you to find someone on Reddit. Example – . It may also be used to find a user’s posts, comments, and more. However, there are other simpler ways to find these.

Search Box

Reddit has a search bar located on the top left corner of Reddit’s website. This method is recommended if you don’t know the username, or if you want to find a particular post or subreddit. You can use the search box to look for the users.

You can use certain keywords or words to find the ones that you’re looking for. You may also use the following search parameters to specify the results.

  • Author:username

To find posts by username

  • Title:title

To locate the submission title

  • Subreddit:subreddit

To find posts in subreddit

  • url:text

To find text in URL

  • Site:example

To find contents from

  • Self:yes / self:no

Inclusion or exclusion of self-posted content

  • Selftext:text

Find text in self-posted contents

  • Nsfw:yes / nsfw:no

Inclusion or exclusion of results which are NSFW marked

Reddit also supports Boolean operators in searching for certain posts, titles, contents, and more. If you’re going to search using a plain text, you must use the character operators &, -, and |. If you’re going to use the fielded search, you should use the operators AND, NOT, OR. Remember that these operators are case sensitive.

One example is when you want to search for insects, and you want to exclude the cockroach, you should use the character operator -. Here is how it should look like on the search field.

Insects -cockroach

Web Address Bar

If you know the username of someone you’re looking for, one of the easiest ways to see his or her profile is to use the URL bar. You should type the URL way:[type_username_here]

If the username is upvotemarketing, you have to type it this way:

This URL will direct you to Starmoon95’s profile. If you want to use this instead of Reddit’s user search, collect the usernames of your favorite redditors and save their usernames in this format in a notepad or a document file. By doing so, you just have to copy and paste this into the web address bar.

Third-Party Tools

Finding someone’s posts and comments are easy just by knowing his or her username. On the other hand, if you want to experiment and try the other methods. There are companies who offer third-party tools to help you search for users, their posts, comments, and links.


Google is the most popular way of searching for almost anything. Through Google, you can search through the use of keywords or by using the site operators. One example is when you want to search for a particular user’s profile.

If you type the following on Google’s search engine:

site: UpvoteMarketing

The top result will return Starmoon95’s profile on Reddit. The other results show all the pages that have his username.

Redective claims to be the “Reddit Search Detective.” This tool will allow you to find information regarding a particular Reddit user. With just a few clicks, you will find the user’s total number of submissions for every subreddit, the number of hours active, the submissions overview, and the profile.

As you can see, there are several ways to find someone’s post or comments on Reddit. However, finding someone on Reddit is much easier in every method if you know the username.