Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reddit and how does it work?

Reddit is a news aggregator website with social media built in. Users submit posts (articles, videos, or their own writing) to “subreddits,” or sections of the site specific to interest or demographic. For example, someone may submit a tutorial to building a desk to the woodworking subreddit. Posts get scores which are determined by users on the site. A user can either “upvote” or “downvote,” and the posts which have the most upvotes and are relatively recent are the ones to appear at the very top of the subreddit pages. If your post gets enough upvotes, it will even appear on the main page of the entire website itself. These posts are submissions which go viral and are shown to all users, no matter which subreddits they frequent. Reddit users can also comment on these posts, and comments are also voted on just like posts. Comments with the highest scores are found at the very top for best visibility.

Each Reddit account is tracked by age, or how old the account is, and “karma.” Karma is an account’s score. For each upvote a comment or post receives, it adds to the accounts “karma.” When posting a promotion or starting a new campaign, it’s important to use accounts which are both old and have lots of karma. Our accounts are aged like a fine wine and are maintained regularly, with high levels of karma. This tells the Reddit community that you, the poster, are a respected member of the community and a regular contributor.

Why are upvotes important?

Upvotes skyrocket your post to the front page of Reddit, as well as increase your SEO ratings, putting your site on the top of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. Our upvotes are top-notch submitted by real accounts our team maintains, which never diminish and almost always make for a very successful campaign.

Why would I want these accounts?

These accounts can be used to post about your product and organically submit it to the marketplace. Clients use our accounts to start viral marketing campaigns which are naturally promoted by the Reddit community, driving traffic to your business.

Where did you get these accounts from?

We’ve been marketing experts of Reddit for quite some time now; in the past, we bought accounts from people who no longer wanted to use Reddit and therefore sold their account to us. This was back in the day when Reddit was still a new concept. These days, however, we want to ensure accounts have a post and comment history which can work well with any brand (i.e. we want to limit controversial histories within accounts). As such, we now create our own Reddit accounts personally by hand, and regularly post on these accounts to accrue karma on aging accounts, maturing them like a fine wine until they’re ready to sell.

Does this violate Reddit’s terms of services?

Technically, buying and selling Reddit accounts is a violation of Reddit’s terms of service agreement. However, this clause is not enforced and taken lightly by Reddit Inc. and it’s subsidiaries.

Is this legal?

Yes, absolutely! Buying and selling Reddit accounts is completely legal and safe. Our lawyers have verified this and ensure the legal good-standing of both parties. There is no law regulating the sale and purchase of accounts.

Will I get in trouble for using these?

The very worst thing that can happen to you is Reddit banning the account you bought; however, we do not foresee such an event taking place. In our years of experience, not one of our accounts have been closed.

Is it ethical?

Buying and selling Reddit accounts is completely ethical. We use Reddit as a platform to help entrepreneurs and marketers gain a foothold in the online world. We contribute to the Reddit community often, and our clientele also contribute by letting the consumer base know about their product or service. All we do is facilitate this exchange and make it easier for everyone involved.

Has anyone been caught before?

In all our years of doing business, no client has had their account compromised. This track record is one we pride ourselves and intend to keep for the many more years of doing business we have ahead of us.

What are the benefits of having Reddit accounts?

Reddit accounts can be used to advertise and market your business through methods which, appearing to be organic and community-driven, are optimal for growth. You can’t just make a new account and start posting about your promotion, though, because Reddit will quickly flag these posts as spam and your brand image will be damaged. As such, when getting into marketing on Reddit (something we think every site these days has to take advantage of) you’ll need accounts which deter Reddit’s anti-spam systems. You can bypass these checks by having an aged account with plenty of activity on the account. That means that, in order to best market your product and protect and grow your brand, you’re best bet is buying aged Reddit accounts with plenty of karma.

How does this effect my SEO ranking?

With each Reddit post about your business that’s backed up by a quality, aged account with substantial karma, comment and post history, Google’s algorithm will recognize your business as a valued and important name. As such, Google will add more ranking value to your keywords and your business website. Our accounts are used by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketers and professionals for years, and we’ve developed strong relationships with repeat clients who keep coming back simply because we have the highest quality of product. It’s plain and simple: if you want to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines, you’re going to have to leverage the power of Reddit — and that starts right here, with high-quality, aged accounts.

What is karma and why does it matter?

Karma is the amount of “points” any single account’s comments and posts have accrued. Karma is directly determined by the amount of upvotes received on an account’s historical activity. Having high karma is very integral in giving the all-so-important impression of organic and natural promotional posts for your business. We spend time building up karma on our accounts to ensure your promotion is the most successful it can be, and you can determine how much karma you’d like to purchase on our website.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds after the immediate delivery of accounts to your email, following the successful completion of the transaction. If there is something wrong with the accounts, or a mistake made on our part, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to correct it.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends entirely on the age and karma score of the account you’re looking to purchase. Our inventory is always changing, so check out our site for the latest.

How long until I get the accounts after paying?

Instantly upon your purchase, you’ll receive an email with your accounts and their login information. This is all completely automated and works seamlessly. You can then log into the accounts and edit the email address and password associated with the account to make it yours.

Can I buy an account which is both old and has karma?

Yes! Just check our inventory for what we have in stock. We are also able to fill custom requests for a certain age and karma. Just ask!

Who creates these accounts?

We personally create, maintain, build, and manage these accounts. This is a time consuming process, but it ensures the highest quality of accounts.

What are your payment options?

We accept both PayPal and Bitcoin. Paying with Bitcoin, however, also warrants a 10% discount!

Why are accounts important?

There’s nothing stopping you from creating a new account and using that to conduct your Reddit marketing campaign. This however, would not only fail, but it would backfire and critically damage your brand’s online reputation.

The Reddit community is famous for being skeptical of marketing campaigns on it’s site, and users will often investigate any one posts’ account if something seems suspicious. In order to give the impression of an organic post, leading to successful conversions, you’ll need to post with a Reddit account that has high karma, is regularly maintained, and is aged like a fine bottle of wine. Only UpvoteMarketing takes the time to properly maintain and age Reddit accounts, and our accounts are the best in town. It’s one of the reasons why marketing companies come to us for help.